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The Company

Polyorganic Tecnologia LTDA is a company specialized in the commercialization, distribution, and by means of proprietary technology, the processing of a wide range of latest generation products. We obtained our ISO 9001.2008 in 2003 and ISO 14001 in 2012.

We offer our clients the best products and services aiming to contribute to sustainability by means of ecologically correct solutions. Founded in April, 1993, for more than 26 years we have established solid and productive partnerships with our clients and we offer efficient and modern solutions, as well as the solid experience and technical expertise of our team.

We work with products of undisputable quality developed by the largest multinationals in the raw materials sector, such as TH Water, Wuxi Chemicals and Woellner France. New partners and products are developed day by day. We attend our partners through our personnel and communication tools such as Polyorganic On-Line, E-Mail Marketing, chat On Line and the most up to date tools with the main objective of attending the client promptly.

Presently our product line has a very important focus on the Domissanitary and Institutional market. Our company’s portfolio contains special chemicals such as: multifunctional surfactants for detergents and cleaners, a new generation of complexating agents for domestic and institutional use, phosphorus free anti-redeposition agents with excellent performance while being ecologically correct, amine oxides for alkaline systems, quaternary ammonium compounds, bleachers, EO/PO functional polymers, Polyacrilates and products for the preventive protection of your end product, avoiding the several problems that may occur.

We can mention as an example the inhibition of the growth of microorganisms using latest generation microbiocides, which ensure your company’s products’ higher level of safety. The main launches of our company are widely evaluated in order to reduce the environmental impact and, of course, seeking the best cost benefit for your company. Thank you for your interest in our company and we are at your disposal to help you in your current and future needs and objectives. How can we help you?

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